Sound Cards

  • Beautiful Illustrations: Each set of cards features beautiful, custom, illustrations based on common toddler interests.
  • Based In Phonics: Unlike most sound cards for children, these feature images that include each letter's most common sound.
  • Toddler-Proof: These cards are sturdier than many board books and well-coated for a smooth (and toddler-resistant) finish.
  • Toddler-Sized: Each card is big enough to read from a distance but small enough for your little one to hold comfortably (4x6").

Meet the Illustrator

Phonics sound card designer


My name is Casey Jane Satterlund, I'm an artist, teacher, and mom living in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the start of the 2020 Coronavirus lock down, I left my teaching job and started writing and illustrating books for my baby daughter. Now I work full time as an illustrator, drawing inspiration from the days I spend with my good natured and really fun toddler; our nature walks, trips to the aquarium, our collections of shiny rocks and really good sticks. You can find my work including my books- Harvest and Gargoyle- on my website here and @littlesprigstories on Instagram and Facebook.