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Ready for your little one to start reading? 


That's exactly what this FULL course is designed to do: move your little one from learning their sounds, to blending them together to make words, to reading full sentences in books. Consider saving money and bundling if:

  • You are starting from the beginning (Letter Sounds) and plan to do all three courses, or:

  • You have multiple little ones you will be teaching who need different levels of instruction, or:

  • You want to have access to everything coming next before you get started

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Learning Sounds

Before this lesson: I explained why learning each of the letter sounds is so important for your little one.

In this lesson: you'll preview what your little one will be able to do by the end of the Learning Sounds course! 

After this lesson: I'll show you exactly how to teach the letter sounds so your little one learns them quickly! 

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Blending Words

Before this lesson: I explained the big goals for the course and showed examples of excellent blending!

In this lesson: you'll learn the important difference between blending out loud and blending written down.

After this lesson: I'll show you exactly how to teach each stage of blending so they can read words accurately!

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Reading Books

Before this lesson: I showed different strategies for teaching some of the long vowels and harder sounds.

In this lesson: you'll see exactly how I recommend that you teach the "Magic E" sounds.

After this lesson: I'll show additional reading skills and strategies for all different types of books!

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Blending Words Course

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Reading Books Course

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BONUS: Parenting & Your Toddler's Behavior Course

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BONUS: Lifetime Access to Future Updates

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BONUS: Access to Spencer for Feedback and Support

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